Oh dear, this banner appeared right here on Blogspot.10 MILLION CUSTOMERS.!!!!
Read my lips -"CUSTOMERS"!!!!

In exchange I propose a web-site to "export"" beautiful "West-European guys for the delight of Russian girls.:)

The Mother"s love.

You Tube didn't let me to publish this -
But aliens (the grey ones) , as far as we know love to listen to Bee Gees..
The main "electro-amb" is my exploration of "analog" VST's and speech synthesizers The track has been made for "The Mother's love" Russian
2011 film, with very controversial plot..I am just the composer, don't shoot me:)
You Tube "watch dogs" can sleep tight - license for the song is paid in rubles - (so I was told) Following binarual presentation -in headpfones only!!!!!! -L-R check - enjoy, dream, heal, upgrate, have fun, this isn't a song, well it' an "experience" ....

"They are described by hundreds of witnesses as grey-skinned beings: no ears, no nose and bulbous black eyes. Are these so called "Greys" visitors from another planet? The team investigates stories of abductions in different countries--their harrowing accounts disturbingly similar. In hypnotic regression, eyewitnesses describe being taken aboard alien spacecraft as part of a bizarre program to form "hybrid" beings."