This gadget was so cool.Shame,- I left a "docking station" with the keyboard and charger in hotel and without it - it's just piece of junk. Replacement cost almost as new..hmm ...about rpice of a beefstake in a Tokio restorant ;)



mirror , mirror tell the truth, who's picture is on the wall?
By the way "happy birthday" Kirill
john ang his girlfriend a kiss is just a kiss

"One day I woke up as a model"-we met 15 minuets ago on a tram, John was kind enough to let him in, and he became everybodys favorite.

keeping eye on meet.

..and consuming it...
she is so lovely person, really, we had a talk..

they have no clue, and we, adults, just pretend ,we have...
What the Future will bring?

Japantour ."Cultural shock".

screaming fans-"Trans-for-ma-tion","Trans-for-ma-tion"-this song became a hit on local tv in Kyoto

yes, you are not mistaken - "used".Sells on every metro station.
and, yes , -boy-bands still rule in here.-"Fahrenheit"-how they call.
Fahrenheit, (not to mix with perfume from CHRISTIAN DIOR - use to be my
favorite - now considered to be old fashioned)

Japan.Cultural shock.

Revolution is comming

Revolution is coming.

"RETRO-FUTURISM" tm is reserved

"RETRO-FUTURISM" tm is Officially reserved by KIRILL POKROVSKY.
As a movement and revolution in art and technology.


Bad Boys , Bad Boys what'ya gonna do...

Personal Thanks to Fiodr Bondarchuk for invitation
to work on a track for his action movie.(Getting inspiration)

Prices for immobility..., what immobility?

sorry for the accent ...and something else here - http://epic.makingithappen.co.uk/new-masterfs1.html


"Start wearing purple, wearing purple"-.march 2008...

"Start wearing purple, wearing purple"-.march 2008...


atelier in ghent , friends and neighbours.

Love to be in Ghent sometimes , away from busy Brx or Moscow.

"The database"- work in progress .
Monick - the fellow artist , friend and adviser
"Pure gold" -the work in progress."Principj de MUSICA" -the work in progress.
Stain from the upstairs - real genius in colors.
The kids next door, "camping" in their room,noisy but fun.

"The consumers" - work in progress

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