Zoom out, Dorothy.From Ghent to Milky Way

Universe, give me all your juice.

Space is big ,mostly empty, cold and a lonely place.(Zeul)

Her Majesty Milky WAY

Milky way lost among other galaxies

How you , little mortal carbon unit on a dusty corner of Gods attic can feel important enough'

Even little monkey germ ,or even chicken germ may wipe you out, not to mention medium sized comet ;)

It happened before to this guys, so what the heck this "Intellegent Desighn" thing about?


Early sommer .

Early sommer in Ghent.


The school of magic.

This foto made by Larian programmer Kris - other interesting photos in his gallery -

I am happy to be affiliated with this young lady,who becomes increasingly popular.



They have send me a demo - this is the band from Charkov (Ukraine) called "Traffic"
Enthusiastic young guys and the girl in a middle is a singer.
Worth a listen- links are below.Tell us what do you think.