Shout for England

Pity England was kicked out,

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron watching England losing to Germany 4:1 in World Cup.

and some say it's a bit, well,"chavs" and "Nazi". Some say it is rip off from the

Tears For Fears

"Shout" (not a rip of but a quote ed.) Grate adrenaline pumping song, any nation need for the breakfast.

And the original from "Pink""NEW WAVE" 80s

Tears For Fears


In public, they appeared to live ordinary American lives — working regular jobs and walking their kids to school.They posed as Canadians.

But, authorities say, 11 people accused in the U.S. of being "deep cover" Russian spies were anything but ordinary — speaking in code, engaging in covert money exchanges and communicating via private wireless networks.This is especially upsetting after a week as Obama shared the hamburgers with Medvedev. Apparently our spies were after American nuclear secrets .

It is hard to be a Russian spy nowadays -not the same respect as during sweet Cold War times.


My friends and colleagues from Round Windows Studios lunched a website

It's all in Nederlands but if you go Go" Portfolio" ^ "Sound Design" - you will find some of my works and pictures.


Russian demographic worries.

Russia does worry about the declining population. The President and Mr.Putin constantly remind of the" problem". Orthodox Church leaders wining of "poor moral values". Russia wants desperately more new-born kids per squire kilometer.This is what some foreigners comment,I find it quite reasonable. -

Considering that the world is severely overpopulated it is ridiculous to consider the Russian situation "drastic." In fact, it could be argued that the Russian people would be better off with a lower population. Canada's population density is much lower than that of Russia, which allows for the resource wealth to grow.
Brian Lander, Montreal, Canada

It seems to me that a drop in the world population towards a more sustainable number would do us all a lot of good. Is the encouragement to produce more people yet another symptom of nationalism and grow-or-die economics?
Chris, Tokyo

I do not understand. There are over six billion people in the world. Why do we want more people consuming energy, causing pollution and contributing to global warming? Encouraging someone with several children to have another that will use more oil than I could possibly save by getting a hybrid vehicle, make no sense to me.
Cecil Chesser, minneapolis, minnesota, usa

There are almost seven billion people crowded onto this planet, does Russia really want to add to the problem? If the country believes it needs a larger population, perhaps it would be better to do more to encourage immigration.
Alexandra Travis, Leicestershire, England

If the government officials want hero mothers, they should stop the sex slave trade of Russian women to European brothels. It's a tragedy of national proportions - an entire gene base is being killed, drugged and raped into thin air, and the government is denying the very existence of slave trade. Moscow alone has 80,000 prostitutes, which is 8-10% of the population. It would be interesting to read about that in your blog - and the reactions of Muscovites to the rise in sexual violence against Eastern European women since the break-up of the USSR.
Olga, formerly of Voronezh

Rather than encouraging large families, President Medvedev should be encouraging immigration to Russia. Allowing in Chinese and Indians would help Russia connect with these emerging strong economies.
Jim Wild, London

Why is a declining population bad? We're always being warned that the earth can't support so many people. Instead of trying to increase their populations, countries with declining populations should focus on supporting their elderly and be glad that they're helping global resource sustainability.
Tasha Cady, Phoenix Az USA

After hearing only extremely negative comments on Russia from BBC reporters, even the slightly negative comments by James Rodgers seem refreshing. The fact that Russians manage to work in such extreme climatic conditions speaks volume about their mental and physical stamina. Even Eskimoes and Scandinavians take long winter breaks to get over harsh winters.
Sid, Delhi, India

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters - piano cover

Metallica - Master of Puppets - piano cover

Elena Yermolaeva (http://yermolyeva.com/) (sounds completely Russian or Ukrainian to me) rules big time!!!!
I am amassed!!! -this is" note by note" cover!!!!Even the guitar solos!!!!
Check for yourself -


Hot Tub Time Machine' Trailer

Oh, sweet 80s !!!!! - this move is totally awesome!!!!

Duck And Cover Atom Bomb Film and a Real Thing

Medvedev and Schwarzenegger, I'll be back, hasta la vista, baby

Social problems in a hit song

Stomae - Alors On Dance

And now "Making of Alors on Dance"


My second car is Audi A9 :)

Hiding an identity.

Ghent is a relatively small, so if you wanna play piano in a little cafe you have to hide your identity :)

Sweetest songs.

For some reason, I can't get enough of this song for entire week and if you are a little bit romantic maybe we can share this feeling, my dear, my dear friend.



Guitar - Peter Nalich

Guitar - Peter Nalich

This song instantly captured the hearts and minds of Russian people, making £Peter popular, as much as "real" pop stars. Song get whooping 3,981,030 hits on youotube and you better learn lyrics and chords now to stay "cuul"...Peter turned to be multi talented and charismatic and he represented our country on "Euro-vision", although the choice for contestant song was wrong."Guitar" and this self-made clip - it's what jump - started his career.So..

I've never been lonely,
F# Hm
Cause me is so cool.
F#m C#7
Baby, you have a possibility
F#m C#7
Play it with me.

I have never been clever,
F# Hm
Because need it never.
F#m C#7
Baby, you have a possibility
Play it with me.

Guitar, guitar, guitar, guitar,
F# Hm
Come to my Boudoir,
F#m C#7
Baby, you have a possibility
Play it with me.

Guitar, guitar, guitar, guitar,
Jump to my Jaguar,
Baby, you have a possibility
Play it with me.

I put on my pyjamas
And go to Bahamas.
Baby, you've no possibility
Play it with me.

Guitar, guitar, guitar, guitar,
Hm F# Hm
Jump to my Yaguar, baby,
You have a possibility
C#7 Cdim7
Play it with me.

Guitar, guitar, guitar, guitar,
Hm F# Hm
Jump to my Yaguar, baby,
You have a possibility
C#7 F#m
Play it with me.

Lay-dum-lay, la-ba-lay-dum-lay,
F#m C#7
Lay-lay-lay, la-la-lay.
F#m C#7
Lay-lay-lay, o, la-lay-lay-lay,
F#m C#7
Wanna, wanna, wanna, guitar, money, ooo...

Guitar, guitar, guitar, guitar,
F# Hm
Come to my Boudoir,
F#m C#7
Baby, you have a possibility
Play it with me.

Guitar, guitar, guitar, guitar,
Jump to my Jaguar,
Baby, you have a possibility
F#m C#7 F#m C#7 F#m C#7 F#m6
Play it with me.

Moscow Diary: Traffic jams

Moscow Diary: Traffic jams

Russian passion for cars and how the capital's roads have changed since communist times.


"You must have seen a lot of changes," people often say when I tell them I first came to Moscow in the last years of the Soviet Union.

Moscow traffic jam
A Moscow traffic jam: Major roads are often clogged with cars
If there is one thing which stands out above all others, it's the traffic.

There was a joke in Soviet times. It went something like this:

Sergei had been waiting for ages to hear when he would get his new car. Finally, the call came. "We'll deliver it on Tuesday 12th March, 19xx" (here you'd add a date in about five years' time).

"Oh no," says Sergei. "That's the day they're coming to fix the washing machine."

Sergei wouldn't have to wait that long these days. Foreign manufacturers have flocked to Russia. They've set up factories here to feed the insatiable demand for a set of wheels.

Late last year, the authorities in Moscow estimated that there were three million cars registered in the Russian capital. That number is growing by 10% annually. Many more are driven into the city every day.

It's the most obvious sign of Russia's new wealth.

In the dying days of the USSR, car parts were in such short supply that motorists went to extraordinary lengths to frustrate thieves.

If it began to rain, drivers would suddenly leap from their vehicles to tend to their windscreen wipers. They kept their wiper blades in the glove compartment. Leaving them on an unattended parked car was an invitation to robbers. A replacement set was hard to come by.

Now there are shops stacked with spare parts. Some of them are even open round-the-clock.

Sometimes it feels like there's heavy traffic 24 hours a day, too.

President Putin at wheel of new car at Avtovaz plant, 18 May 07
Russia's new models are a far cry from boxy Soviet-era cars
Moscow has extraordinarily wide roads. Its inner circular route is called "The Garden Ring". I suppose it must once have been green.

Now it's six lanes of traffic which often moves painfully slowly. Last autumn, it ground to a complete stop. The Spartak football team's bus got stuck. The players had to finish their journey to the stadium by metro.

You can understand why the desire for car ownership is so strong here. For decades, getting behind the wheel was nothing more than a dream for many people here. Millions more Russians now have the chance to take to the road.

But one of the side-effects is that it's impossible to be sure how long it will take you to get anywhere by car. There are fears that it will begin to take a toll on the economy. There were even reports last year that the mayor was considering making city employees start their working day at 0700 so they could beat the traffic.

That hasn't happened - at least, not yet. It's unlikely to be popular in a city where, in midwinter, it doesn't get light until 0900.

So what's the answer? Some Muscovites ask me about the congestion charge in London. In a city where having to pay to park is still considered daylight robbery, the idea of paying to drive won't be an overnight hit


The neighbourhood castle

Visiting concert of Aria in Moscow

neoro-network of Moscow's tube

The Traffic jams become such a problem in the streets of Moscow, that everyone (even the ministers and the oligarchs) using subway "metro" - the best in a world.And as you can see Russians are reading a lot.

The concert was awesome and backstage I met my old colleagues -Sergei Popov and Vladimir Holstinin
I wanted to see "ARIA" with a new lead vocal, not only because of this song:
But since I love this song, I give you a translation.

No witch, nor an enchantress
came to my house one day
Not in the height of full moon
but a bright summer day

Most times in sunrise time
I come to you in dream
but all is different this time
She said that day to me

Exhaustion, loathing and pain
Of madness darkest fear
You hold the very hell of earth,
like sky upon your back
And every one of you is mad,
in both love and war
But life's no sound to just cut off
She said that day to me

It's high over there
No one around
It's as lonely there as here
It's high over there, and clouds race...
T'wards a long ago extinguished star

While you still live,
don't simply die
and look upon this world
So many here have lost their soul
they all are dead inside

But walk around, laughing
not knowing they are gone
Do not rush your final hour
She said that day to me


escape from life is possible
but never that from death
LIfe itself will fold its wings
And I'll return back here

No witch, nor an enchantress
Came to my house that day
But by mistake, to quench her thirst,
On that day death dropped in


And below, the Russian version, for those skilled in the tongue.

Не ведьма, не колдунья
Ко мне явилась в дом,
Не в пору полнолунья,
А летним, ясным днем...

Обычно на рассвете
Я прихожу, во сне,
Но все не так на этот раз...
Она сказала мне

Усталость, ненависть и боль,
Безумья темный страх...
Ты держишь целый ад земной
Как небо, на плечах!

Любой из вас безумен -
В любви и на войне,
Но жизнь - не звук, чтоб обрывать...,
Она сказала мне

... Там, высоко - нет никого
Там также одиноко, как и здесь
Там, высоко - бег облаков
К погасшей много лет назад звезде

Пока ты жив, не умирай,
На этот мир взгляни -
У многих здесь душа мертва,
Они мертвы внутри!

Но ходят и смеются,
Не зная, что их нет...
Не торопи свой смертный час, -
Она сказала мне

Сбежать от жизни можно
От смерти - никогда.
Сама жизнь крылья сложит
И я вернусь сюда...

Не ведьма, не колдунья
Явилась в дом ко мне,
А летним днем испить воды
Зашла случайно смерть

From Archive

(Maybe the long hair was not such a a bad idea)

Russian doctor in an emigration.

Vladimor Kaygorodoff, who is famous in Ghent with his eccentricity, and a PhD in Biology ,makes a U - turn from science to art and surprising us with his vibrant and innovative works.More to come...

Punish me

In less careful hands this B&W German movie could be tasteless.But with brilliant crew and moving story it makes it real "film noir" (click to know more)


Why they are attractive ?

Why they are attractive ? Becouse these people are not unreachable super models, but could be your neighbours next door.


Point...Up yours bloody Amer...:)

Matreshka with Kalashnikov - priceless:)

GATES and Buffet Seek "Fathers of all the nations"

GATES and Buffet Seek "Fathers of all the nations"

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, the richest people on Earth, have publicly declared their intention to transfer half of their billion-dollar fortunes to charity. these people live in the established economic and political system where such behavior is customary. When people are very wealthy or just well-off, and they do not donate, they are looked upon with a disdain, and in some cases, there are possible issues with the government. Superstition may be a part of it

Bomber project

The Amerika Bomber project was an initiative of the Reichsluftfahrtministerium, the Nazi Germany Air Ministry, to obtain a long-range bomber aircraft for the Luftwaffe that would be capable of striking the continental United States from Germany. Requests for designs were made to the major German aircraft manufacturers early in World War II, coinciding with the passage of the Destroyers for Bases AgreementText to all photos by Wikipedia

The Amerika Bomber project was an initiative of the Reichsluftfahrtministerium, the Nazi Germany Air Ministry, to obtain a long-range bomber aircraft for the Luftwaffe that would be capable of striking the continental United States from Germany. Requests for designs were made to the major German aircraft manufacturers early in World War II, coinciding with the passage of the Destroyers for Bases Agreement

Text to all photos by Wikipedia

Can they all just get along already:)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad issued a tough warning to the United States over efforts to introduce new sanctions against Iran. He said that the main purpose of this document was to reduce the increasing international pressure on the Zionist regime (Israel. - Ed.). He added the US’s efforts will be in vain. He stressed that the Iranian nation will retain its right to fight against the impairment of its legitimate rights.Can they all just get along already:)

What about TU-144?

What did happen to "TU-144"-the firs passenger supersonic aircraft, back in a Seventies?.Was the blueprint stolen from the French "Concorde"? _We are trying to investigate the matter.

At the movies this season.

This is how I reflect the essence of all the movies I've seen this year so far.

Thomas Devos is back

A pet name for a murder weapon

Twelve years after Rumplestitchkin landed in the final of the Rock Rally, Thomas Devos is back with a new band
© Jan Missotten


From Archive

The Heavy Metal past of mine...The cartoon, dated 1987 from now famous Sergey Melnikov.

The reality of accidents

The reality of accidents

Although fascinated by mathematical order, Philippe Van Snick accepts the help of fate

I miss it.I Loved it so...

To know why go http://tamw.atari-users.net/notator.htm


My 1 year graduation from an art academy.

My 1 year graduation from art academy in Ghent under the mentor Hendrik Vermeulen - famous "Mix -Media" artist from Belgium.
"Alice in Wonderland" (the wall painting)
And they gladly did, because it was free, and some wine..:)

Main work - "The Garden of Lucifer".Skulls of a deferent shape, decorated with the fresh roses and strawberries...
"Death Shopping bag" - in a memory of the holocaust victims.
DAS KAPITAL -main work (mixed media) Now in private collection

Post modernism?..What post modernism?


Nature is experimenting...

Был кот своей кормежкой недоволен,
Лениться стал, и был за то уволен.
Сам думает: "Не велика и честь
Служить весь день, а досыта не есть!
С моим талантом и к труду охотой
Получше подыщу себе работу".
И тут же видит объявленье он:
"Нужна собака… Адрес… Телефон…
Кормежка дважды в день… жилье… Однако!
Пойду-ка, поработаю собакой.
С моим умом и при таких усах
Гораздо лучше я любого пса.
Способнее на свете нету зверя!"
Пришел туда и ну ломиться в двери.
Хозяин был изрядно удивлен:
"Что вам угодно?" – спрашивает он.
А кот в ответ: "Я к вам по объявленью!"
"Но вы же кот!"
"К большому сожаленью
Котом родился, не моя вина.
Работа эта очень мне нужна.
Я точно справлюсь, только время дайте!
Ну что я нанят?"
"Нет! Сперва полайте!", –
Хозяин требует.
А кот своё: "Чудак!
Ведь лаять может и любой дурак,
А у меня полным-полно талантов:
Могу клубки катать, играться с бантом,
Могу мурлыкать и ловить мышей,
Могу качать и нянчить малышей.
Еще могу на дерево взобраться.
Да разве может пес со мной тягаться?
Он жалок весь – от носа до хвоста…"

Хозяин слушал целый час кота.
Тот о себе еще бы долго баял,
Но у калитки громко пес залаял.
Хозяин в тот же миг возник в окне,
Кричит: "Вы мне подходите вполне!
Работа ваша!" Дом стеречь от вора
Был нанят пес без лишних разговоров,
А кот поплелся прочь, бурча: "Зачем
Им глупый пес? А я-то хуже чем?"
Хозяин вслед: "Уменьем не владеешь –
Хоть всем хорош, да лаять не умеешь!"

Finally Russian poetry from "Brugge"

Text by Kirill Pokrovsky .Translation coming soon.

Poetry by Kirill Pokrovsky.Translation will come soon...

Ghent 2010

Moscow 2010

Мировая экономика находится на втором этапе кризиса

Мировая экономика находится на втором этапе кризиса

Известный американский финансист Джордж Сорос накануне заявил, что еще рано говорить о завершении мирового финансового кризиса. По его мнению, сейчас начался только второй этап. Финансовые рынки стали терять уверенность в надежности суверенного долга.

Финансист предупредил также, что весь мир ощутит на себе последствия от проблем, возникших вокруг Греции и евро, поскольку "долговой кризис" имеет и ряд других развитых западноевропейских государств. "Сомнения по поводу суверенного долга вынуждают страны сокращать бюджетные дефициты в то время, когда банки и экономика, возможно, не настолько сильны, чтобы позволить себе стремиться к фискальной честности. Мы оказались в ситуации, которая пугающе напоминает 30-е годы прошлого века", - отметил Сорос.

В настоящее время правительства европейских стран "стоят перед чрезвычайно трудной задачей". Необходимо помочь странам восстановить равновесие и в то же время нужно подправить те недостатки Маастрихтского договора, которые позволили развиться этим диспропорциям.


Indian "Beatles"

It's mind blowing "clash of cultures", it's old but I can't help..ha,ha,ha...