Happy birthday, Barbie.

Happy birthday, Barbie.(click me)

Maybe she represents all you hate about "materialism" of your beloved woman, or a sexists stereotypes, but let's be honest - she is quite sexy- kinky as well.

...and what about (little) girls and ponies?
(when they grow up - they want a real one)

She couldn't miss Middle Eastern market, didn't she?

OK, most of kids in some point try to undress them..We didn't have 
Barbi's in CCCP, our dolls were bigger and somehow more realistic..
Of course...
She "evolves" with time and fashion from "ma'am" to "SM"

Be careful, young Ken Carson,or you can soon find yourself serving like a pony, as your "princess"
builds her" perfect" "plastic" world.

Philosophy of "Shit happens"

"Wall Street Bull(click me)" - the popular touristic attraction" NY

Philosophy of "Shit happens"

Confucianism(click me): Confucius teaches: «Shit happens». 

Buddhism(click me): If shit happen  - in fact it is not really the "shit".
Hedonism(click me): There is  nothing like good shit occurred. 

Hinduism(click me): This shit has happened before and before and before. 

Mormons(click me):  If this shit even happen?. 

Scientology(click me): Dianetics will help you to see this shit more clear.

Stoicism(click me): This shit  makes me only stronger. 

Islam: If the shit happen - then it was the will of Allah.

Catholicism: Shit happened because God punished us for our sins.

Calvinism: Shit happened from what we have not enough hard 

Protestantism: Let this shit happen to anyone. Save your own shit.

Judaism: Harah ,And why is this shit just happens always to us? 

Russian Orthodox: Shit happened?  and "huy" with it .... 

Hare Krishna: "Shit-shit-happened-
"some shit happened-Hare-hare." 

Atheism: I ain't see any Supreme Shit! Where are you? ...
Existentialism: What is a "shit", in fact?

Free Masons: We planned this shit for thousands of years.

Marxism: "Das Schei├če" Shit-eaters unite!

Rastafarianism: Let's smoke this shit

Subjective solipsism: Shit - it's me! 

Objective solipsism: Shit - it's you! 

Haynlaynism: We all - shit! 

Pessimism: Shit is permanent! Shit was, shit is and sit always will be. 

 Sigmunt Freud : Shit event occurred in childhood. 

Jung: What happened is that shit represent the archetype of a Grate Mother.

Carnegie: Sure, shit already happened with me,nothing to be ashamed.
Bern: This shit even happened with my grandmother. 

Gestalt approach: What do I matter to shit this.

"Positive Thinking" Don't think about shit,don't think about shit.

"The Secret" -I attracted this shit to my life, by focusing on the shit
all the time and expecting shit to manifest

Japan: If shit happened - it must work harder and robotize it. 
USA: To make shit more comfortable, you need to invest an additional $ 1.5 
trillion. Let's add some more shit.
Russia: Shit will not happen to us,
yes it happend!!! we need to rebuild its architecture. Nanotechnology!!!!.
UPS: If shit happened, we need to enforce the gas 
China:  You didn't see what kind of shit we had before! 
Georgia: We have no asses! 
Ukraine: All the shit have to pass trough our territory.
Girls are very pretty.
Poland - We stuck again in the shit between two Superpowers.
"New European" and the Baltic states - Maybe Western shit tastes sweeter at first , but shit is still a shit.
North Korea and Iran - Let's produce some shit, so
they will start to respect us and pay to us, if we don't shit, like they do to Pakistan.
(May end up in deeper shit.)
Flanders - Shit is a good fertilizer!
Walloons - Let's put all shit together in one pail and ask our comrades from the North to deal with this.
Germany - Shit? Wunderbar !!!, - we always liked the kinky sex.
France - Shit happens to bloody Anglo-Saxons - "Merde" -happens to us.

The Best professions.

You can not rely on good luck, and get to choose and search for new classes pragmatically. The site JobsRated came top of the two best professions in the United States. Authors take into account all main factors: working conditions, income, level of stress and strain. It turned out that in contemporary America is best to be a mathematician. In the top ten included historians and biologists, but on the twelfth place was the profession of a philosopher. Worst of all had to taxi drivers, seafarers and doctors "ambulance". Because the rating can learn a lot of curious and instructive. For example, a bank security guard (25 seats) to be nicer and cheaper than the dietitian (53 seats), while the repair of musical instruments (37 seats) is usually quieter and wealthier than the piano tuner (76 seats). Finally, the designers of clothing (87 seat) can only envy cabin attendants (78 seats).

Drug addicts , prostitutes and Mozart.

In Hartford, Connecticut, United States, residents of nearby homes to call in the city park the transmission of works by Mozart and Beethoven, to expel from the prostitutes and drug dealers, said on Saturday agency Associated Press. 

As the activists say, the music starts to irritate both the perpetrators and calm distorbing elements of public morality so heavy, that they are leaving the park. In addition, the music will make walking more pleasant for others, when there remove criminal elements. 

One local resident told that this idea is not new. According to her, in a park in Florida has decreased crime by 40 percent since the park began to translate the classical music via speackers . Similar experiments are conducted in some Canadian and Australian cities. 

However, as noted musicologist from the University of California, Robert Fink (in an interview with the agency, it seems that the authorities in Harford not support very desperation in the fight against crime. "Beethoven did not save you" - warned the scientist, adding that one should not perceive the great composers of the past as a disinfectant and insect repellent. 

Meanwhile, the city of Hartford has not yet endorsed a plan proposed by residents and not decided who would fund the concerts for drug addicts and prostitutes.

Out of Africa."Zeul the Alien" is cold.

---I know it is expensive, but put your hitting on, for crying out loud!!!!
.I will spend all day in a bath.
Your species coming out of Africa (click to know more)
(precisely from Kayia) - you are the tropical beasts, (thin hands, no fur, (almost)-
even the testicals are  well outside for ventilation)
so why
the heck you moved so much to the North, 
lost the pigmentation,(very ugly), made your nose longer
(what is undoubly ugly),  forgot an ability
 to move your heaps during
 the dancing and the" love making" 
and spend your time in
 an uncomfortable houses,
you can't even  heat ?
(how much "personal space"
do you need if you at the office all the time anyway,
and your kids are at the school or in front of the computer?)
(in overage you spend half of your earnings
and time for the shelter and the heating)

Who told you,that cold, fresh air is healthy?
Cold is "asking" your body to spend tons of energy for
especially during the sleep.
and "the fresh air" - oxygen "burns" your
body sells, turns them to cancer 
and destroys it with a "free radicals".

Eat more "green",plants (vegetables and fruits
spend so much dealing
with oxygen - they have powerful "antioxidants (click to know more)

Do you know why people in polluted megalopolises and on a mountains live longer?
- Lower levels of oxygen!!!!!.

Stupid Humans!!!!

See thou in the sauna.


Sound engeneer jokes

If you want to know, what your toddler
 really think about you, just take your
"home video" and slow it down...


unconditional love 2

"I  like you, mommy, but only when you give me cookies."
The human child said.

Don't bit off more tham you can chew

The best (and most simple) explanation of what actually happened with your monetary
system lately our searchbots find  on WWW.

Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew 
When I bit off more than I could chew. 

IIf you prefer the dry British humour - nobody 
does it better than John Bird and John Fortune.


The one and only song translated from any
 human language to " tezerian" is 
following.We find that often humans hit the very point only in a comedy movies.

 Sing and let your brain to produce  endorpfines click to know more


Dear Iran.

 PREFASE"in 1951 Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh was elected (!!!!!!!!!!) prime minister. As prime minister, Mossadegh became enormously popular in Iran after he nationalized Iran's oil reserves. In response, Britain embargoed Iranian oil and, invited the United States to join in a plot  to depose Mossadegh, and in 1953 President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized Operation Ajax.(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) The operation was successful, and Mossadegh was arrested on 19 August 1953. After Operation Ajax, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's rule became increasingly autocratic. With American support, the Shah was able to rapidly modernize Iranian infrastructure, but he simultaneously crushed all forms of political opposition with his intelligence agency, SAVAKAyatollah Ruhollah Khomeini became an active critic of the Shah'sWhite Revolution and publicly denounced the government. Khomeini was arrested and imprisoned for 18 months. After his release in 1964 Khomeini publicly criticized the United States government. The Shah was persuaded to send him into exile by General Hassan Pakravan. Khomeini was sent first to Turkey, then to Iraq and finally to France. While in exile, he continued to denounce the Shah."( wikipedia)

Dear Iran, an you please stop to be a "bad guy on a block"?

Can you please do with your nuclear obsession because we hardly believe you need atomic power to light your kitchens.Ok let's be honest about it- it' all started long time ago, when Americans installed Shach. 

 It seams you have enough oil to play around.

Why not become a peaceful, full of recourses, nation like, let's say, peace-loving and gas and oil possessing Norway.

They are even not a member of EU. They are so independent, that it's actually scary.

So stop to

give all kind of reasons to "bomb the shit out of you",

Unless you are paid

by the same

Guys, who make weapons and need an excuse to do so.





Another thing, - if you want to promote your Religion, please stop hanging publically young boys for inserting their penis in a "wrong" places.


 (According to some studies (of Persian pre-fundamentalist poetry) anal sex is not so exiting “to die for”, unless it's forbidden.)… or stealing an apple on a market so to say..

Stoning people to death instead of hiring a lowyer for divorce is actually not really 21 century custom either.


Who is really “getting off” on hanging people publically, or are you so afraid of any opposition? 

Not exactly sign of strength. Do you really want someone to come to your country and teach you their vision of “democracy”, by killing and torturing your people, but this time not in name of your God, and in waste numbers… so to say?


(We understand ,– people of Europe and America performed worse atrocities in a name of “All Loving God”, but now it’s a bit “out of fashion” lately.)


 It is really bad publicity, didn't you get it?


Can you hire some really professional people to do your Public Relations

and diplomacy of an Islamic Republic (of merciful God)?


You don't like America in general (with millions of Muslims living there BTW,) or you dislike it’s foreign policy?

So become clear about it - burning American or Israeli flags is exactly what CNN and Fox news want you to do.

We don't like what happened to Iraq and we don't like, what is happening to US.

So join the positive forces of the Planet in search for common Solutions and please in a name of whatever Supreme Power you choose to believe - stop to be "pain in the ass",

or "Axis 

of evil" or "Terrorist State”. We love you; we don't want your museums to be looted, like it happened in Bagdad.

Persian and another nations living on your territory after British made it so, have a lot to be proud off.

this is the Cirus - first  in a world declaration of human rights

 So , let’s flip the coin - Third World War or good PR?


 (Hire us – we even managed an alien to be elected…Democratically.)


The Survival guide of a modern wizard. "The unconditional love"

Survival guide of a modern wizard

"The unconditional love" from the "Teachings of Zeul" DR.KEYREAL TM

You are being loved .


All the time

Day and night

Even if you are been very, very "naughty".

Take a deep breath - do you feel it?


Whatever you do you will not "piss us off" 

because we know who you are,

and why you are here.

"Conditional" love isn't love at all -

it's a "bazar"

"I love you, 

so shut up and do what I say!"

You, humans are really funny ,

when it comes

to a relationships.It is where you

getting confused all the time.

Since when your personal 

"well being",

your emotional conditions

should depend on others,

even the most close friends,

lovers and family?

Everyone is heaving

the very own "journey".

You don't posses each other,

you come together for the purpose of


so plezzzzzzzzz stop blaming

one another of being

"not perfect" and focus 

on your own "life - work".

(it's actually not a work, but "ok"..)

They will see how well are you doing

(shining in your own "goodness") ,

change or go away,- so what?

Nobody knows.

You can't 

explain - it is

really "Your Own 


Sorry :)

Life supposed 

to be fun.

It was your 

own wish.

But you don't 


Or you do?

and another time,

 when you will be born?


The survival guide of a modern wizard

The survival guide
of a modern wizard

It’s not import at all where you are, it’s interesting where you going from here.

Accept the world, 
available to you now as 
a “whole”, as a miracle, 
without rationalization
or applying “logic” on it,
with all it’s “imperfections”
and the “evils”. 
You will probably never see 
the “full picture”,
however hard you try, 
but trust us
on this one -
"there is more 
then you can
and nothing,
yes nothing
can change 
the very
nature of 
this place.
don’t stop to learn 
or don’t suppress “curiosity” 
of your mind, 
if it pleases and motivates you. Emotions will guide you and 
trust us on this one,
thoughts, that feel bad, 
are generally really bad for you.
Focus on something else. 
Avoid negative
thinking at all costs :)
You are a creator,
Not a victim.
Even hard emotions, as the fear,
anger, disgust and even 
the jealousy can be transformed
to positive output ,
if you move in right direction. 
Next stop - “The Anger;
”Next stop - “The Frustration”
, next stop -“The Hope”, so what???? 
It’s better, them feel helpless
on the station “Depression”, 
move on from there, 
even anger feels better.
There is no need to become
emotionally “numb”. 
Just don’t let emotions to
“blind” and distract you.
It’s not importaint 
at all 
where you are now, 
it’s interesting
where you going from here.
so allways look ahead and focus
where your "path" is.
Though your actions can
take place in only in
” now” and “here”,
therefore you can’t “fiscally”
travel in time to act there, 
so use your “mental journeys
” to the past, just to fix 
misunderstandings and “cancel” the “traumas”,
and your “time-travels” to the future, 
not to anticipate a “disasters”, shivering from fear, 
but to attract the best of possible, 
looking into upcoming events
with an excitement, 
using your imagination 
as a “blueprint”. 
And if you do it right,
Universe (“The Source”, “God”, “The Force”,- call it as you wish,
- will respond sooner or later.;
(Be honest – it always did, even if you “asked”
for the trouble”), “knowing” what you really want.
When you listen with patience, 
or you talk passionately -
you still learn.
When you “work”, sleep or rest, 
you are still learning. 
Don’t worry about it.
 When you feel, that the time is moving too fast, 
it’s your mind that is 
working slower.
Just move in direction of your desire,
where you are now matters not J.
It’s where you are going
–always look in this direction
– down the stream to the ocean,
With all the wonders,
that are awaiting for you.
Does it feel good? 
If not,- your mind is moving “upstream”.
(BTW – there is nothing there for you ,promise J )
It is not possible to “waste”
or” loose” the time therefore
the “time” is the pure “human
Invention”, as the” linear universe” 
does exists only in the imagination
of an “observer”.
Act now – there is no “tomorrow”!.......(or don’t ;)
– the indicator is simple -
“does it feel good?”
appendix :"stations"
on a jorney































































And no matter,on whitch station You jumped to the train - be shure you go in desired direction.