Will Power

Zeul told ,that ability to control UNWANTED impulses - is in fact "Will Power"

Meanwhile, the different studies however suggest, that women have more willpower compare to male.


Fishing or hunting?

"What do you mean, we not going up there to hunt, honey?"




KYRILL, sire - from grecian. kyrios - the ruler.

1 - Kyrill Kyrill is a bard. After bending your ear for a while, he’ll finally ask you to kill a fire elemental for him. If you agree to help, you’ll earn 32,736 experience. You’ll find the fire elemental just to the southwest. Kyrill won’t give you a reward for killing the elemental, but you’ll receive 500 contest points for the deed. Later you can find Kyrill in the temple tavern regaling the patrons about your fight with the elemental.

from http://www.gamebanshee.com/beyonddivinity/walkthrough/raanaarruins.php

Orkaan Kyrill doodt in Duitsland

From De standard online-http://www.standaard.be/Artikel/Detail.aspx?artikelId=DMF18012007_042&word=kyrill


Bill Gates and Belgium

On February 4th, 1998, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates was in Brussels, Belgium to visit with the Belgian Prime Minister. A crack commando squad of pie "assassins" "attacked" Mr. Gates with a series of cream pies. Cream was nice ,fresh and delishious in best traditions of Belgium cousine.



Wim Delvoye and Mamishev Monroe

My life was enlighten by some of the most unusual (and quite successfull) modern artists .

Of course ,Wim Delvoye, who use to be our landlord in his loft building here in Belgium in
Gent- Brugge left a big impression.I still remember this beautiful moments like this girl' asking him in a bar -"Who are you?" -"I am a mirror"-was his reply. No fancy cars, no luxuries apartments - just lots of smoke and "choco-milk" ; Maybe it's all changed now but that were times when we all (Me ,Sven,Lynn ,Tom and the rest of Larian of this pereiod - 8 years ago remember him).

http://www.cloaca.be/ - one of his most controversial and talked about works of Wim




But recently I find on the net works of another modern genius - Vladik Mamushev Monroe who I encounter in Moscow and had a joy to spend some time with.As far as I know he doesn't have a web site and probably doesn't know how to use computer.all his works not including a digital manipulation of any kind .All his works are scratched photos or showing artist himself, representing different characters using make up and fabulous costumes.That makes him so unlike others.Needles to say that Sir Elton John selected many of his works for his private collection.Vladik used to say -"When I was a little boy people were giving me flowers on the street.(His parents used to be local leaders of Communist Party)

Monroe and Elton in Moscow

some of the works -


Vladislav Mamyshev-MonroeSaint Petersburg
Was born in 1969 in Leningrad (St. Peterburg). In 1986 graduated School of literature #27. Since 1986 took part in-group "New artists" (with Timur Novikov) and in 1989 in collaboration with Novikov has founded an undepending telecompany "Pirate's TV".His most known solo exhibition: " My name is Trinity ", XL gallery, Moscow (1997), "Russian questions", state Russian museum, St. Petersburg (1997), " Lyubow Orlowa", gallery Gelman, Moscow (2000), "Fairy tales about a downtime", project of a magazine "Art Chronika", State museum of Revolution (2001), "Dindin ou saint paparazzi", galerie Orel Art Presenta, Paris (2003). And his select group exhibitions are: "Self-identification" – Position in art of St. Petersburg since 70 years up to now. Stadtgalerie im Sophienhof, Kiel (1994); "Kabinet". Stedeliyk Museum, Amsterdam (1997), " Neues Moskau " (kunst aus moskau und st.petersburg) ifa-Galerie, Berlin; ifa-Galerie, Stuttgart; ifa-Galerie, Bonn (2000), "New beginning", Dusseldorfkunsthalle, Dusseldorf (2003).Vladislav Mamyshev-MonroeSaint Petersburg

Zeuls captain.

Zeuls captain use to cay - "I don't know where we are going, but I know we are going without fear.."

Ironically this famous painting was stolen .
Do you still have the panic attacks?



amasing World of the "world of warcraft"

Do you want to discuss the secret of popularity of internet with the characters from the "World of Warcraft" ?

Have a dance lesson with the WOW charcters?


Sing as Al Yankovic and watch video with Wow characters


Suffer this Romanian song , but with lovely Wow animation


listen to Banshee Quen of the forsaken - Lady Sylvanas Song


and finally "South Park" - "Make love not warcraft" full episode


Zeul came back from Holidays

Zeul came back from Holidays very angry at me -" You can play a doctor, but you have to take the distance - you want to get knife in your back, or brick on your head? Or all your possessions
stolen.They don't have any moral, as you know and "respect" only feast or the gun. Stop to be "social assistant" in a Hood.Give "low lives" to take there time..
Four to six thousand euro - it's a lot of money , you better should start to save for an electric car.:) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6923835633598627078&q=who+killed+electric+car
Do not invite ungrateful ,selfish ,materialistic bastards and bitches in your living space , heart and life in general.

By the way, - respect - you made almost impossible - corrected 6 incarnations :)

Do not punish them - they will punish themselves - they already do and you and not 'even I can't help it."