"Curseder" is Back with our beloved David as a lead singer

We are so sorry ,that couldn't obtain to the concert due to invasion of distant family...


Half century of Jos

Playing with the band in the House of Jos (in the center) in Kortrejk

I again realized, that Belgium can surprise you, it`s how many nice and unusual people you can meet at once.

And finding so much in common with the upcoming 'new love generation`

Not without help of Leela, Amy, Professor Farnsworth, Fry, Dr. Zoidberg, Bender, and Hermes .

The artist and his monumental work `Destruction As a Form Of Creation`

We were singing for hours and them I played the very fast version of `Music was my first love`(definitely under the influence of alcohol and very relaxed version of `Brugge`and before I collapse from too much `Calv ados` I find this touching message on a bad from some of the young folks,who Had to sleep in garage instead- MISTER KREL WE WISH YOU A GOOD NIGHT REST IN OUR BED SLEEP TIGHT


Ambassadors of God

Everyone knows how hard it is to deal with people ,representing God.You waiting forever like in government office with your number in sweaty hand and finally, when it is your turn you hardly know what to say....
- Do you have cancer ?...AIDS? Any incurable disease? Amputated organ?
-Who is dying?...
-Well , no one I know...
-Hmm why you are here?
- I wanted to ask for 'more' and 'better'.
- You have enough....
- But others....
-What others ? We can show you millions ,who gladly change place with you, you spoiled bred...!!!!! Next...


for every pair of socks

"For every sock there is a pair" Zeul insist .
Whatever "strange" habits you have or "defects", - this specifically can attract another human being with the same "fetish" ..You don't have to be beutifull..You don't have to be rich.. you don't have to be specific age - don't forget thous , who looking for" father" - "mother" figure.
Somebody is searching for"older sister" , somebody for" friendly macho"; how wold you know if you hiding at home, terrified by "existential horrors" of life?
Just lucky enough to find a perfect match..Use your time lurking around the town , travel, and don't forget the INTERNET.

One more award

And Zeuls award for competence and responsibility goes to Robbie Williams video clip "Sin, sin,sin

Staring brilliant satire on "Guru channel"

Intro is very funny as well-

"All through history, in every age and time there have been individuals who have dared to take risks by bringing us information; not normally revealed to the general public.This original and daring thinkers feel compelled to bring us controversial ideas and spiritual guidance, while at the same time, maintaining an integrity?We can bring you this information free and indeluted..."

"Don't be fooled by all this pregnant beauties around him - this are not his children!In every "Guru -manual" it's strongly recommended to better masturbate on the statue of Shiva http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shiva

, them to fall in love and have sexual encounter with the fun or apprentice, it's strictly unprofessional - only kissing and hugging are allowed:) !!!!!


Why we like "Soulwax"?

Reason 1 - They are way cool.
Reason 2 - They know what will be cool the next year.
Reason 3 - They are from Ghent.
Reason 4 - We know them personally and bass guitarist Stefan worked with us at Larian.



Plamen"The Fire"

My fellow sorcerer Plamen ("The Fire") as an interior decorator.Exorcism of a" bad spirits" from the Room "C". Orange and Dark- Blue . The Ritual blood sacrifice - just a little finger cut.
Miracles We Create Togather...


French connections.Damien - future game developer.

He gave me hours of joy by suppling me with tons of soundtracks, he lives in Paris, doesn't mind to speak English and loves music.Hmmm...


How to beat and even turn Depression Turn Into Joy

How to beat and even Turn Depression Into Joy

Depression is the most prevalent disease of our time.

Under the guise of informing the public, both the medical profession and the media are constantly "warning" us of the dangers and probabilities of the disease most likely to terminate us. News about a lack of sufficient influenza vaccine is enough to get our collective blood pressure soaring.

Bad news is chronic and it affects us all.

Do I have a magic pill that will make all the bad go away? No. But, there are ways to help us stay out of depression:


Live One Day At a Time - The wisdom admonishes us to live each day to the fullest as there's enough evil in one day to handle! Don't look back on past hurts, nor fret about tomorrow. Live today as if it is the only day you have. Make each day so full of the present that yesterday and its problems are completely shut out and tomorrow is unattainable!
Choose to focus all your thoughts and energy on what is at hand, and do everything to the best of your ability.

Watch Your Tongue And Thoughts! - The power of life and death are in the tongue. Words can both bless and curse. Negative words can evoke great fear and anxiety. The mind paints a picture of every word we hear or see. Although words are not tangible, they have the power to bring about physical matter! Hey,according to some religions earth was created by the word of god's power! Negative words always produce negative impulses, whether minute or major. Conversely, positive words make you feel good. A mere smile and a happy: "Have a great day!" instantly exude warmth. So, be careful of what you allow to sink deeply into your subconscious.

Happiness Is a Choice - We can choose to dwell on bad news and perpetuate it by speaking about it, or to swiftly replace our thoughts and words with constructive ones. Whenever we hear good music, our feet start tapping, we are’re humming the melody, and pretty soon we're happy. Our thoughts respond to what we feed the mind through our senses. Therefore, we CAN choose to be happy! Start practicing to switch off the minuses in your life and concentrate on the pluses.

Gratitude; the Antidote - Thankfulness is one of the greatest virtues. If you divided a page in two and wrote all your setbacks on one side and all the blessings on the other, you would find that your blessings far outnumber the negatives. says to give thanks with a grateful heart for all things.
Universe Is In Control! - You known before you were born and your end predestined some believe. You will receive a new refreshing, empowerment and warmth.

Life is great. Let's choose to be happy!
Remember, depression is a medical disease and cannot always be cured with a positive outlook on life. If you want to rid yourself of depression, see a medical doctor.

Some Practical Recommendations:
1) Get lots of sunshine. Melatonin, a hormone produced only in the dark, lowers the body temperature and makes you feel down.
2) Keep busy. Taking frequent strolls, playing sports, or volunteering help chase the blues away.
3) Pamper yourself every now and then. Choose a day to just have fun, doing what you like most.
4) Eat nutritiously. Sugar, caffeine, and alcohol will eventually cause anxiety, tension, and internal problems. 5) Socialize. Hang out with people who are up-beat and give moral support.


Wag the Dog

"WAG THE DOG" 1997(if you didn't see it yet, get it ASAP)A comedy about truth, justice and other special effects.:)

Dustin Hoffman as a Hollywood producer
Y'know, producing is being a Samurai Warrior. They pay you, day in, day out, for Years, so that, ONE DAY, when called upon, you can respond, your training At Its Peak, and save the day. "

quote from the professor.

quote from Mr.Laurens- "Never be happy with little,never stop - always try no enlarge and improve it - for your own sake, for the sake of others, and for the sake of future generations...!"
- we burst in laughter....


Share your fields...

Share your fields and delegate - Do not play on the same piano, the way ,shown on this funny video.

Poor , poor Franz Liszt http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franz_Liszt and his "Hungarian Rhapsody" :)


8 of 10

"Congratulations, said professor, -"You fail 8 of 10 practical tests!But this 2, that remain, were "life - important" to you.It just proves the point "when we really put our mind on something.....:)